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HillCity Foundation

Graduate Forum


Godwin Woha
Graduate Forum Co-ordinator

Objectives of the Graduate Forum

As a Foundation that particularly aims to discover, develop and deploy young destinies to fulfil their purpose in life, we know that this process of discovery can be a challenging one for young person’s after graduation from tertiary institution without any form of economic stability in terms of having a job or business. It is on the background of this, that the HillCity Foundation Graduate Forum has been set up as a mechanism to aid economic stability for this young persons by achieving the following;

  • Equip HCF graduates with necessary skills to get them economically started after graduation
  • Provide a platform for information dissemination in relation to Jobs, Business Grants, Post Graduate Scholar programs, and Trainings.
  • Motivate, train and empower HCF graduates with entrepreneurship drive and good business idea.


  • The maximum number of years persons are allowed to be on this forum is a space of 5years. After 5 years, they are exited from the forum.

  • Yearly, we will update our data base to add new graduates and remove graduates who have gotten to their expiration periods.

  • The graduate data base updates will be done on or before 31st January of each year.

  • There will be some appointed graduates based on group involvement in the preceding years, who have been on the platform for at least a minimum of 2 years who will assist the Graduate Forum Coordinator who is a core team member plan and drive activities of the group for the year and keep tab on timelines for group schedules for the year.