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The Lead Co-ordinator

Obi Imemba is the Lead Coordinator of HillCity Foundation, a vision birthed in his heart in the year 2003. He has continually lead this vision since inception with consistent and tangible direct impact in the lives of over 1,000 young persons in Nigeria.

Obi Imemba is passionate, about seeing evident growth and progress in the lives of young persons around him. He believes strongly that he is on a mission to Discover, Develop and Deploy young destinies to fulfill greatness. It is this passion that lead him to start HillCity Foundation and has continued to give leadership to the vision since inception. He is an Exemplary, transformational and great leader to the core.

His leadership journey has been a long one. He has always wanted to help people find solution to their problems. He sincerely believes that there is a solution to every problem as he say, “problems I cannot solve today are because I don’t yet have the knowledge that will bring the solutions. So adding value to myself will help bring the knowledge that will solve the problem”. He has been shaped into who he is as leader as a result of the mentors that he has come in contact with both formally and informally, books he has read and the relationships he has maintained.

His personal life philosophy is centered on “Your worth is no different from the value you carry”. You are priced on this basis and you cannot perform above this criterion. Hence he is committed to adding value to himself by all means possible which has helped increase his value to others, employer and the society in tremendous ways. Obi Imemba is a firm believer in value. He says life is all about contribution and not consumption. We add value through our contributions. Life only rewards us to the level of the problems we solve. Empowering others to solve problems is one of the best ways to add value to life