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The Lead Co-ordinator

Obi Imemba founded the HillCity Foundation in 2004 with the core focus of discovering, developing and deploying young destinies. The vision was born out of the need to inspire young people to be all they can possibly be, irrespective of their backgrounds or socio-economic status. To this end he has consistently steered the vision since inception with unquestionable passion, resulting in tangible impacts in the lives of thousands of young people especially within Nigeria.

Obi is an exemplary, transformational and inspirational leader with a contagious passion to bring about change.

He is a firm believer in the principle of value creation. According to him “your worth is no different from the value you carry, and life only rewards you to the level of the problems you solve”.

He is aware that he has been blessed to be a blessing and is very intentional about raising people of like-mind. 

He believes that given the right opportunity for growth and development, every destiny has the potential for greatness. Obi’s mindset about leadership is cocooned in vulnerability - helping others find their purpose and fulfill their destinies is a selfless service which bears an enormous price tag. This price, he pays deliberately.

Pivotal to everything he does, is his unwavering faith in God.

In the last two decades, Obi’s career in the energy sector has spanned several continents involving various management roles within the TOTAL group.

He is married to Chioma Imemba and together they are blessed with three lovely children.