Self Discovery and Development

The SDPD programme axis of HillCity Foundation handles the discovery, development and deployment of young lives.

Everyone is created for a specific purpose. His fulfillment in life lies in the discovery of that purpose early in his lifetime and the deployment of targeted energy and strategies to actualize that purpose.

In HillCity Foundation, we believe that maximum impact comes from discovering your potentials and developing yourself to maximize those potentials.

Through extensive study, we believe that love, vision, hope, information, discipline, originality, care, understanding, inspiration, instruction, mentoring, character, exposure, challenges, self-esteem and team-spirit must all be in place for a young person to fulfill his/her purpose.

The mission of SDPD programme is to assist young lives to discover, develop and deploy their potentials through;

  • Helping young people discover and develop their vision.
  • Positive information dissemination.
  • Talent discovery & skill development.
  • Impartation of knowledge.
  • Overcoming failure, abuse and peer pressure.
  • Character development.